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Cartoon Network’s MagiMobile uses TV audio cues to add Magiswords to a fan’s collection. While watching an episode of Mighty Magiswords on television, a user can tap “Collect” to make MagiMobile start listening. Once the app recognizes which episode it’s listening to, it rewards the user with a magisword from that very episode.

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Sveriges Radio uses ACRCloud to monitor its stations in real time. ACRCloud provides ISRC, Spotify & YouTube IDs and more for each identified track. Sveriges Radio uses the data returned from ACRCloud to show “Now Playing” music metadata on its website and app. It also generates tracklists for its shows.

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User Scenarios

Generate Cue sheet

Generate Music Cue Sheets For PROs

Generate music cue sheets automatically for PROs, meaning no more manual work.

Show now playing music metadata

Showing Now Playing Data In Real Time

Detect songs and show ‘now playing’ data on your website and apps in real-time.

Interact with audiences

Interact with Audiences On Pre-recorded Content

Allow audiences to use your second screen apps to detect pre-recorded content on TV.

Detect which channel the audiences are watching

Measure Audiences On Live Channels

Collect data about which TV programs are being watched and when, allowing for a greater insight into people’s viewing habits.

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