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Deezer SongCatcher will find the name of any song that’s playing. The tool allows users to quickly identify and save music that’s playing without leaving the app. The tool will tell users the name of a song and the artist, giving users the option to add it straight to users’ favorite tracks or library, if a match is found in the Deezer catalogue.

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The BETA has proven very positive and so we are excited to be able to officially communicate the launch of Deezer SongCatcher to all music fans around the world.

ACRCloud’s state of the art music recognition technologies simplify the music searching process in HUAWEI Music and improve the user experiences.

The integration of tech solutions from ACRCloud will enable HUAWEI Music users to quickly identify music tracks playing nearby or hummed melodies, or search for audio files stored on a device. Based on the search results derived from local files, HUAWEI Music will provide more information about the music tracks and personalized recommendations.

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User Scenarios

Shazam alike music recognition

Shazam-like Music Recognition

Integrate the Shazam-like feature on your apps, enabling users to find the songs they like.

Soundhound alike recognition

SoundHound-like Humming Recognition

Integrate humming recognition on your apps, allowing users to identify the names of songs by humming.

Local File scan on devices

Local File Scan On Devices

Scan local media files to recognize songs, match album covers and lyrics, or replace with high quality audio files to improve the user experience.

Metadata cleanup on server

Metadata clean up on Server

Use our server-side SDK to scan your catalog on your server and clean up metadata.​

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