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How Can You Benefit?

Receive More Royalties

We work with many PROs and broadcasters who use our service to generate royalty reports on TV, radio stations and venues. Your music can be detected when it features in our database, potentially generating more royalties for you after submitting your music to us.

Receive More Royalties
Protect Your Music

Protect Your Music

We work with many UGC platforms and distributors who use our service as a Content ID system in their backend to filter content against their policy. You can deliver your music to us with a rights claim policy to make sure UGC platforms can detect your music and take action based your policy to protect your music.

Expand Your Presence

We work with many DSPs, radio stations, automotive manufacturers, phone manufacturers and other kinds of apps using a Shazam-like feature. Your music can be detected if you upload it to our database.

Expand Your Presence

Who Can Detect Your Music?

PROs & Labels

Performance Rights Organizations, Copyright Societies, Publishers and Record Labels


TV & Radio Stations

Advertising & Big Data

Big Data Platforms, Advertising Agencies

Music DSPs & Apps

Music Streaming Services, Music and Lyrics Apps, Phone Manufacturers

Distributors & UGC Platforms

Digital Music Distributors, Aggregators, User Generated Content Platforms


Automotive Manufacturers, Tier 1 Suppliers, OEMs

How Will Your Music Be Detected?

Music Recognition

The New Standard for Music Recognition

Broadcast Monitoring

The API-First Broadcast Monitoring Services For Your Business

Copyright Compliance

Protecting Music Copyright & Refining Media Database

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