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ACRCloud is the leading audio recognition platform for Music Recognition Broadcast Monitoring Live Channel Detection Second Screen Sync Audience Measurement Copyright Compliance Data Deduplication

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Easy Integration

Easy Integration

We provide a full suite of API & SDK to enable robust, scalable and flexible integrations. You can not only use SDK & API to receive recognition results, but also control everything on the platform via RESTful API.

Top Tier Algorithms

Top Tier Algorithms

Our services include our world-class Audio Fingerprinting and Query by Humming algorithms, which we are constantly striving to revise, update and improve. Our patented algorithms are ready to boost your business.

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Global Infrastructure

We serve customers from all over the world. Whether you are in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa or the Americas, you are within our range.


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Music recognition

Music Recognition

The New Standard For Music Recognition

broadcast monitoring

Broadcast Monitoring

The API-First Broadcast Monitoring Services For Your Business

Live Channel Detection

Live Channel Detection

Detecting Live Channels And Time-Shifting Channels In Scale

Second screen sync

Second Screen Synchronization

Detecting Pre-Recorded Content In Scale And Interacting With Selected Television Broadcasts

copyright compliance

Copyright Compliance

Protecting Music Copyright

Data deduplication

Data Deduplication

Refining Media Database

audience measurement

Audience Measurement

More Accurate & Convincing

humming recognition

Humming Recognition

Find Out The Title Of A Song Simply By Humming The Tune Into Your Device

offline recognition

Offline Recognition

Detecting Custom Content On Devices Without Network Connection

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Music DSPs & Apps

Music Streaming Services, Music & Lyrics Apps, Phone Manufacturers

PROs & Labels

Performance Rights Organizations, Copyright Societies, Publishers & Record Labels

Distributors & UGC Platforms

Digital Music Distributors, Aggregators & User Generated Content Platforms


TV & Radio Stations

Advertising & Big Data

Big Data Platforms & Advertising Agencies


Automotive Manufacturers, Tier 1 Suppliers & OEMs

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