ACRCloud Helps MACP to monitor the music usage in Malaysia

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ACRCloud and Music Authors’ Copyright Protection (MACP) Berhad sign a deal to monitor the music usage for Malaysian TV channels. As a broadcast monitoring solution provider, ACRCloud monitors Malaysian TV channels locally and generate music airplay logs for MACP. The monitoring results will be used as the transparent fact to collect and allocate the music licensing fee among MACP members and other associated author organizations.
By using the ACRCloud solution, MACP can not only retrieve the real-time music usage report but also trace back to the viewable recordings. Additionally, ACRCloud is also able to display the ongoing TV program information with each music detection result.
“ARRCloud looks very impressive and we hope it will deliver to us the best outcome and accuracy in reporting for our members,” said Justin Johari, Acting General Manager of MACP.
“ACRCloud strives to provide accurate and very cost effective solutions to music collective organizations globally. We are very proud it does fit MACP’s specific requirement. We are looking forward to deepening the cooperation with MACP in the next step.” Peng Dong, the co-founder of ACRCloud comments.
About ACRCloud
ACRCloud is a Beijing based automatic content recognition provider has indexed over 70m tracks in its music fingerprinting database, and for 2015 & 2016 was ranked #1 in audio fingerprinting technology by the prestigious Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX). ACRCloud serves the clients such as Alibaba, Cartoon Network, AMC, Baidu, Xiaomi and Musixmatch, etc.
About MACP
MACP is a non-profit organization whose main functions are to administrate and manage the public performance and communication to the public rights of their members comprising of songwriters, composers and music publishers. Music Authors’ Copyright Protection (MACP) Berhad, a member of CISAC, was incorporated as a public company limited by its members’ guarantee in September 1989 and today has a total membership of over 4000 members.

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