Alibaba expands shopping reach to TV viewers with ACRCloud technology


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ACRCloud is proud to announce a technology integration project with China’s leading e-commerce company Alibaba utilising its content recognition system across its various online properties including Taobao, Tmall and Alipay.
With millions of products available on Alibaba’s flagship marketplaces of Taobao and Tmall, its more than 386 million users have a wealth of choice open to them online. And now as an added feature from 22 Jan 2016, the Taobao shopping app will integrate ACRCloud’s content recognition technology which will serve to expand the shop window for products to TV shows, commercials and other video content in China.
ACRCloud’s content recognition technology is able to identify shows, movies, commercials or other video content and then present users with a list of annotated products available from the scene. Products like shirts, dresses, furniture, sunglasses and hats etc and many more can be purchased from retail partners..
With the introduction of this T2O or Television-to-Online model as it is termed in China, viewers will now have an expansive shop window right in their living room to conveniently purchase items of interest within their mobile phones.

With ACRCloud’s content recognition technology integration, this will potentially enhance the shopping experience for Alibaba users and also present new opportunities to retail partners to present their products for sale.
Mathew Daniel, President, ACRCloud said, “We are really pleased to have enabled Alibaba to make a difference to millions of people’s shopping experience with our ACRCloud technology.”

ACRCloud’s content recognition technology has been proven to be one of the most accurate and fastest in recognition time, and together with Alibaba, they are well placed to present a new frontier in mobile shopping.

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