Sokoj Partners with ACRCloud for Broadcast Monitoring in Serbia

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Sokoj (Organization of Music Authors of Serbia), the leading collective management organization representing music authors in Serbia, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with ACRCloud, a leading provider of music recognition and broadcast monitoring solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance the monitoring of music usage on live broadcasts in Serbia, ultimately ensuring fair and accurate distribution of music royalties to composers, authors, and rights holders.

The partnership between Sokoj and ACRCloud marks a significant milestone in the Serbian music industry. By harnessing ACRCloud’s cutting-edge broadcast monitoring solution, Sokoj will be able to track and identify music compositions aired on television networks across the country. This will enable Sokoj to accurately allocate royalties to the rightful creators and rights holders, fostering a more equitable music ecosystem in Serbia.

Sokoj, known for its commitment to protecting the rights and interests of music authors, is excited to join forces with ACRCloud, a globally renowned innovator in audio and video recognition technology. With ACRCloud’s state-of-the-art platform, Sokoj will gain an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency in monitoring music usage on television, ensuring that artists receive the compensation they deserve.

“Partnering with ACRCloud represents a significant step forward in our mission to safeguard the rights of music authors and promote a thriving music industry in Serbia,” said Dejan Manojlović, Managing Director of Sokoj. “The advanced technology provided by ACRCloud will greatly enhance our ability to monitor music usage on live broadcasts, leading to fairer and more accurate royalty distribution. This collaboration underscores our commitment to supporting the creative community and fostering a sustainable environment for music in our country.”

ACRCloud’s industry-leading audio and music recognition technology employs powerful algorithms and machine learning models to analyze broadcasted content and accurately identify the underlying musical compositions. By integrating ACRCloud’s broadcast monitoring solution into Sokoj’s monitoring systems, the organization will gain real-time insights into music usage patterns, ensuring the reliable tracking of performances on television networks.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Sokoj to help optimize music royalty distribution in Serbia,” said Tony Li, Co-Founder of ACRCloud. “Our advanced recognition technology will provide Sokoj with a comprehensive solution for monitoring live broadcasts, enabling them to accurately identify musical compositions and allocate royalties accordingly. This partnership demonstrates our shared commitment to supporting music creators and the rights holders who bring their compositions to life.”

The partnership between Sokoj and ACRCloud will not only streamline royalty distribution processes but also serve as a powerful deterrent against the unauthorized use of copyrighted music. By leveraging ACRCloud’s robust technology, Sokoj can detect instances of unlicensed music usage on television networks, enabling them to take appropriate actions to protect the rights of music creators and rights holders.

With this strategic alliance, Sokoj strengthens its position as a leading collective management organization in the Balkan region. The collaboration with ACRCloud will propel Sokoj’s efforts to provide accurate and transparent distribution of music royalties, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted and forward-thinking organization within the music industry.

About Sokoj:

Sokoj – Organization of Music Authors of Serbia is a collective management organization, exercising the rights of over 14.000 domestic and more than 4.5 million foreign music authors and rightsholders. Its activities include issuing licenses to music users of all types (including, but not limited to TV and radio broadcasters, cable operators, cinemas, concert organizers, background music users – shops, malls, markets, cafes, restaurants, hotels, gyms etc. – record labels and digital service providers), collecting copyright fees and distributing royalties. Additionally, Sokoj supports cultural purposes such as stimulation, improvement and promotion of musical creativity through its Cultural Fund and annual public competitions, and takes care of its members who are at high financial or health risks through the Social Fund. Sokoj is a full member of two main umbrella organizations: CISAC and BIEM, and has also concluded more that 100 reciprocal representation agreements with sister societies around the world. 

About ACRCloud:

ACRCloud provides cost-effective automatic content recognition technology and related solutions for audio and audio-visual content identification and copyright monitoring. The company serves music copyright organizations including SUISA, PPL, WAMI, SAYCO, PPM and MACP. ACRCloud ranked #1 in audio fingerprinting technology in the prestigious Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX) campaign in 2015 and 2016.

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